Enhancing worksharing


Focus is a methodology. It aims at selecting a limited number of technical fields in a first stage and carrying out trilateral projects in the chosen technical fields.

Strategic Handling of Applications for Rapid Examination (SHARE)

The offices give priority to examining applications for which they are the office of first filing.

Patent Prosecution Highway (PPH)

An application which is determined to be patentable in the office of first filing is suitable for an accelerated examination by the office of second filing.


The search results from each of the Offices would be shared among the Offices in order to reduce the search and examination workload in each of the Offices.

New route

A a new framework in which the search and examination result of the office of first filing is transmitted to the office of second filing according to an internationally coordinated timeframe. Under this new framework, the complete mutual exploitation of an application can be achieved.

Comparative studies

The preparation of high quality patent applications leads to the enhancement of the examination quality and also enables applicants to cut cost for making amendments or opinions.

Priority Document Exchange (PDX)

The Priority Document Exchange (PDX) system supports the electronic exchange of priority documents between the Trilateral Offices.