Significant achievements

Paperless search capacity

  • Captured data through Trilateral data exchange and backfile conversion projects (bibliographic data, full text data, facsimile text, F-terms, and First page database)
  • Developed and adopted character coded and image data standards within Trilateral for data exchange
  • Produced specialised technology databases such as Trilateral DNA sequence database
  • Developed standards for mixed-mode software for CD-ROMs
  • Developed patent publication standards
  • Developed Trilateral DNA sequence format for filing biotechnology applications and PatentIn software for filing of patent applications involving nucleotide and amino acid sequence information.
  • Began converging classification systems

Development of common system architecture

  • TRINet used for access to Trilateral search systems, Trilateral dossiers for utilisation of search results, and electronic exchange of priority documents
  • Developed shared application processing framework between USPTO and EPO

Implementation of electronic filing

  • Developed and adopted international standard for Electronic Filing
  • Developed and adopted international standard for sequence submissions

Harmonisation of patent practices

  • Harmonised examination practices for various emerging technology fields as a result of Trilateral comparative studies
  • Led effort to revise search and examination guidelines to create international standard for examination processes by each PCT International Authority.
  • Led effort to focus discussion in SCP on "reduced package" for SPLT

Common Patent Information Dissemination policies

  • Developed world software standard for the searching, retrieving, displaying and printing of patent data collections on CD-Rom, DVD, Jukeboxes, hard disk or network: Mimosa
  • Poster (pdf)

Exchange of Priority Documents