The Trilateral Offices agree on the establishment of a working group to support a Trilateral e-learning project

The project aim is to develop a Trilateral e-learning initiative which will take advantage of the economies of scale in the access to and provision of high quality on-line learning made available either to restricted audience (such as EPO, JPO, USPTO examiners) or to the general public.

The project could encompass three components:

  • The setting up of a Trilateral e-learning portal that would provide comprehensive information on e-learning opportunities enriched with a suite of on-line self assessment tools that could help individuals to develop personal learning plans.
  • A library of online learning resources consisting of e-learning products produced by each of the partners and common custom-designed courses specific to the unique challenges of the Trilateral cooperation.
  • A periodical review of the material to maintain the content up to date.