Patent information

The Trilateral Offices continue to appreciate the efforts of private sector organizations that share and support our objective to foster innovation and competitiveness through worldwide dissemination of intellectual property information.

The Trilateral Offices continue to address information policy and operational topics of importance to our Offices, to the private sector, and to the general public. We intend to continue our valuable discussions to improve the dissemination and use of Intellectual Property information globally.

Trilateral Patent Information- A common approach for the benefit of the users community - poster as PDF

  • free of charge basic search services of IP information via the Internet
  • provision of IP information in bulk form at marginal cost
  • official Gazette on the Internet
  • online file inspection with public access
  • online filing of patent application
  • free exchange of IP information with the Trilateral partners and other IP offices

The establishment of the Trilateral Working Group on Patent Information is the outcome of the long-standing co-operation among the Trilateral partners in the area of patent information and sets a significant benchmark in its further development.