Originally, the mission was to conduct a review of the documentation and search tools available in the three Offices in the area of biological sequences.  The Trilateral Offices are currently co-operating, or have in the past, on various topics within the field of biotechnology, including but not limited to:

Report on the DNA Search Exchange Study, May 2004

Examination Practice Relating to Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms (SNPs) and Haplotypes

Protein 3-Dimensional (3-D) structure related claims

Biotechnology Patent Practices: Reach-Through Claims November 2001

  • Report    (PDF 273KB)
  • Annex 1  Comments of the USPTO (PDF 168KB)
  • Annex 2  Comments of the EPO (PDF 85KB)
  • Annex 3  Comments of the JPO(PDF 129KB)

Mutual Understanding in Search and Examination: Nucleic Acid Molecule-related inventions whose functions are inferred based on sequence homology search

Patentability of DNA fragments

Biotechnology Patent Practice, Project 24.1

The Trilateral Search Guidebook in Biotechnology