Enhancing worksharing

Mutual exploitation of work.

Developing the PCT

Taking into account the current situation in which the PCT is widely used by applicants of the Trilateral regions, the Trilateral Offices continue their work in further enhancing the PCT administrative procedures.


Efficiency of access to all patent collections classified by the IP5 offices.

Linguistic tools

Machine translation services for translating patent documents.


The Trilateral Biotechnology Working Group was initiated in 1988 with the agreed-upon mission of facilitating similar practice in an evolving area of technology and patent law with the goal of harmonization of practice among the Trilateral partners.

Patent information

How to achieve the maximum dissemination of patent information.


Modules as pre-training materials for examiner exchanges and to promote mutual understanding of examination practices.

Examiner Exchange

A tool for enhancing understanding of patent systems and examination practices, building confidence among offices in work performed, and promoting the effectiveness of exchange of work results in order to maximize work sharing activities.

Information technology

The Trilateral Offices support the concept of building interoperability of its systems.